of North Carolina
Got Started

    While working on a home remodel (closing in a carport), Mike and Eddie needed to install duct before attaching a floor, just in case an HVAC unit is ever planned.  This was due to the lack of access to a "non-existant" (i.e. <8") crawl-space;  no reasonable way to retrofit any duct in this section.

We needed 60 linear feet (actually a little more) of 4'x10" duct.

Mike called a couple of contacts and was quoted a price of $2200.00 foron one source and $900.00 from the other.  Eddie thought we could do better. .. and we did!

We did so much better that we can provide 60 feet of 29gauge 4'x10' duct for only $540.00.

So here we are.  Just let us know what you need.

Standard length is   3.3854 feet (40⅝ inches). @ $8.86 per foot =  $29.99 for 4"x10"