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Basic designs

29 Guage galvalume steel ducts

Lengths up to 20' 3"

Standard length is 40 5/8"

1 piece duct

Trunk lines

Perimeter dimensions above 38 5/8" will require a 2 piece duct
Standard = 6"x14"x405/8"

Max dimensions = 68" (34" per piece)
Examples:  12"x22"   10"x24"  18"x16"

Walls over 14" will require support ribs
2 per section or 36" o/c whichever is more
2 piece duct


Massive Trunk lines:

Perimeter dimensions above 68" will require a 4 piece duct

Will require support ribs at 24" o/c
4 piece duct
Support ribs

2017 Edward Edwards, Mike Auman

Although we strive to maintain tight tolerances, the best we can do is about   15/64".